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Pet Protector

A comprehensive online course you can sell or gift to your clients to teach them more about dog and cat health care.

The course is written by qualified Veterinarians and Veterinary Nurses with decades of experience training clients in pet health care. Modules include pet body language, basic pet care, health requirements, infectious diseases and common emergency situations.

BONUS: Activities and resources to help parents motivate their children to be involved in pet care

How does it work?

Purchase packs of course access cards that you can sell or gift to your clients as part of a special promotion, reward program or puppy program. Your client enrols online using the instructions and access token on the Course Access Card. Technical support is provided by CCG.

For more details, including course outlines and client marketing materials, visit the Pet Protector Page on our CCG website or for a look at the course see the Pet Protector Preview at ProSkillsOnline.

What’s included?

  • 2 x four module online courses with video lessons
  • Downloadable course notes to keep
  • Learning activities and the tools to get children involved in pet care

Benefits of selling this to your clients:

  • Bond clients to your practice
  • Have clients who understand the importance of preventative health care and invest in it
  • Simply sell the Course Access card and the client does the rest

Selling to your clients:

  • CCG provides you with downloadable marketing materials to use in your practice
  • You decide on the price (RRP $29.95)

Personalised Branding

For a one-off fee, customise your Pet Protector course with a personalised and branded banner. This banner will appear on every course page, linking your client to your practice every step of the way!